Windows Virtual Lab Setup

Windows Virtual Lab Setup Guide If you are interesting in learning more about PowerShell or system administration you would likely benefit from having an isolated virtual Windows lab. A physical lab is great if you have the space and the money for it, but most…

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Blue Primer: Volatility Writeup

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Blue Primer: Volatility Writeup Welcome! This writeup goes over how to use volatility to perform file forensics on a memory capture file, and analyze the extracted files for malware.   "Volatility is a free memory forensics tool developed and maintained by Volatility labs. Regarded as…

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Red Primer: Powershell Empire Writeup

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Red Primer: PS Empire Writeup Welcome!  This writeup goes over how to use PS Empire to set up a listener and get the stager for the listener onto the target Windows server. Empire is a pure PowerShell post-exploitation agent built on cryptologically-secure communications and…

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Reverse Engineering for Beginners

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Reverse Engineering for Beginners Welcome!  This page will serve as a writeup on the reverse engineering online workshop by Ophir Harpaz.  Background info on the workshop can be found on its about page.There is no official write-up yet as of me writing this, so…

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Musical Stego Writeup

Musical Stego Writeup This is a more open-ended steganography challenge compared to the previous room we did ( Everything we learned in the stego crash course is going to be very useful in finding the final flag. Find the Flag Let's start by listening…

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