Learning NVim, Tryhackme, Vim-Adventures, resources

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Learning NVim, TryHackMe, Resources This post will be a walkthrough of the Vim room on TryHackMe, in addition to various learning resources I find helpful.  As I encounter helpful examples for penetration testing, I will post those as well. TryHackMe room: https://tryhackme.com/room/toolboxvimThis room teaches you to…

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Vulnserver Buffer Overflow Walkthrough

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Exploiting Vulnserver Buffer Overflow Walkthrough http://www.thegreycorner.com/p/vulnserver.html I just finished the buffer overflow section of studying for OSCP.  Let's apply the methodology and techniques in the textbook to vulnserver, a service that is purposefully vulnerable.  It is only available on Windows machines. What you will need…

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Reverse Engineering for Beginners

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Reverse Engineering for Beginners https://www.begin.re/ Welcome!  This page will serve as a writeup on the reverse engineering online workshop by Ophir Harpaz.  Background info on the workshop can be found on its about page.There is no official write-up yet as of me writing this, so…

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