Tryhackme “Classic Password” Reverse Engineering w/ IDA, Ghidra, ltrace

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Tryhackme "Classic Passwd" Reverse Engineering Report Linux ELF binary is available for download. The challenge is to determine the correct input to reveal the flag. This can be done several different ways, with different software.  Reverse Engineering with IDA Pro Load the binary into…

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Ignite Writeup

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Ignite Writeup Ignite is a room that has no instructions other than to get two flags: User.txt and Root.txt, essential a black-box.  No hand-holding or guiding of any sort.  Let's put everything we've learned up til this point and hack the box! Scan the…

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Reverse Engineering for Beginners

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Reverse Engineering for Beginners Welcome!  This page will serve as a writeup on the reverse engineering online workshop by Ophir Harpaz.  Background info on the workshop can be found on its about page.There is no official write-up yet as of me writing this, so…

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